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Retriever Training


We train retrievers for hunting, AKC hunt tests and AKC field trials up to the qualifying level. This includes basics which condition the dog to perform the elementary  tasks of retrieving, simple marking and delivery skills, and the foundation of performing blind retrieves as conditioned responses. After  basics we start transition which is using the basics and applying them in a progressive manner, with the goal of running blind retrieves with elements that cause dogs to fail the process. These are called factors. Wind , terrain , cover, suction from more desirable elements such as diversion shots and marks, which can suck your dog off course. These are all dealt with during the transition process.  From there we go into a “cold” set up. These are set ups (marks and blinds in conjunction ) which the dog has never experienced. The set up given to a dog depends on if he is going to be a field trial dog, a hunt test dog or a hunting dog, but in all three disciplines the dog goes through the same basic  processes. The owner should go through the process of learning how to operate their dog  We encourage our customers to come out and learn how to handle and maintain their dog’s training.

Our Retriever Training Program is divided into three distinct parts:

  1. Basics. This is the foundation upon which all future training is built. In basics, we collar condition your dog to basic commands; the dog is force-fetched and taught how to take hand signals on land and in water. The dog is taught to sit and come on a whistle command, and this becomes a conditioned response. The dog also learns how to move with the handler and the beginning of lining takes place. Also at this time if a dog is to be used for upland hunting, quartering is taught, then spliced together after basics. The dog also learns how to mark and find shot birds.
  2. Transition. During this phase, a dog takes what he learned in basics, and applies the learning in the field. During this phase the dog learns to perform blind retrieves on land and water. They also learn how to pull off a mark and run a blind.
  3. Actual hunting. In this third phase we take what the dog has learned in parts one and two, and apply it to actual hunting conditions. Our training grounds are used for both training and hunting and pull in a large volume of birds during the hunting season. Our client’s dogs can hunt nearly every day of the season as needed.

These services can be tailored to each client’s needs. Most services can be offered a la carte.

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