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Dog Training Services

Pointing Dog Training


Depending on the needs of the owner, we train pointing dogs from basics to advanced. We start with scent discrimination, developing point, condition the “whoa” and “here” commands to both voice and whistle. Next, steady to flush, steady to shot, how to work a field, force fetch and delivery, backing and honoring. The training of the owner starts when certain behaviors are in place, and we encourage the owners to participate and learn how to operate their dog.  Our goal is always to make the dog and handler function as one unit so that the owner knows what his dog is doing, and his dog knows, and is willing to abide by, the handlers wishes. We can train your dog for AKC hunt tests also if that is the path you wish to pursue.

Pointers are taught whoa and steady to wing and shot with voice and whistle. They are collar conditioned to basic commands. We have limitless grounds for upland training. Dogs learn how to cover a field.