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Dog Training Services

Obedience Dog Training


Obedience training can be customized depending on the needs of the client.  We generally condition the 3 basic commands needed to operate a dog off leash in any situation, and keep the dog, you and other people safe.  When we are finished with the dog training, we then start the process of human training.  We help you understand  how to maintain the training after leaving our facility.  Our goal is to help you enjoy your dog anywhere, anytime and to help you feel confident in your dogs behavior training in any situation.


  • For you to be able to enjoy your dog, he needs to act the way you want him to, regardless of the situation.
  • The dog is not safe when he is acting unpredictably. A dog must know his boundaries. If a dog runs away, or won’t come to the owner, or will not sit on command, this dog could get injured, or cause an injury.
  • Most people are so proud of their new puppy, but as time goes on, and the dog is allowed to make the rules, the owner is no longer so proud. Having a well trained dog can be a real accomplishment to be proud of!


Some people just can’t picture their dog being an obedient and disciplined member of their household. As time has passed, their sweet little puppy has mutated into an unwelcome dictator in their home! Well, whether your dog has gone to that extreme, or whether you plan to take care of your sweet little puppy’s training needs before they get out of bounds, we will help you.


Your pup is a social, pack animal. By establishing yourself as the “Alpha” dog, or leader of the pack, your pup will respect you, respond to you, bond to you and want to please you. All this will help him be a much more happy and confident dog. There are many practical keys available from The K9 BRC, that will help you establish a healthy relationship with your pet.


You and your dog can go as far as you wish with The K9 BRC! Basic obedience training sets the foundation for later training. The beginners learn:

  • Down-stay
  • Come
  • Sit-stay
  • Walk with loose leash
  • Heel
  • Wait at door
  • Don’t run in street

Also during this training, we help you eliminate many common behavior problems.
Intermediate and advanced training really polishes your dogs obedience skills. We can train any dog. How far to you want to go with your dog?