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Dog Training Vale Oregon

Hunting Dog Training (Gun Dog Training)

Vale, Oregon


We train retrievers from basics to finished hunting dogs, since it is available for us to train the dog in actual hunting situations throughout the hunting season.  After basics are completed, the dog can be used to hunt and will respond well. We take basic, transitional and finished dogs hunting on our property, if they are here during the hunting season.  The end result is a hunting companion you are proud of and that you can count on.  We provide hunting dog training and gun dog training for the Vale, Oregon area.

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Retriever Training Vale, OR

Retriever Training

Vale, Oregon


We train retrievers for hunting, AKC hunt tests and AKC field trials up to the qualifying level. This includes basics which condition the dog to perform the elementary  tasks of retrieving, simple marking and delivery skills, and the foundation of performing blind retrieves as conditioned responses. After  basics we start transition which is using the basics and applying them in a progressive manner, with the goal of running blind retrieves with elements that cause dogs to fail the process. These are called factors. Wind , terrain , cover, suction from more desirable elements such as diversion shots and marks, which can suck your dog off course. These are all dealt with during the transition process.  From there we go into a “cold” set up. These are set ups (marks and blinds in conjunction ) which the dog has never experienced. The set up given to a dog depends on if he is going to be a field trial dog, a hunt test dog or a hunting dog, but in all three disciplines the dog goes through the same basic  processes. The owner should go through the process of learning how to operate their dog  We encourage our customers to come out and learn how to handle and maintain their dog’s training .  We provide retriever training for the Vale, Oregon area. 

Pointing Dog / Pointer Training

Vale, Oregon


Depending on the needs of the owner, we train pointing dogs from basics to advanced from the Vale Oregon area. We start with scent discrimination, developing point, condition the “whoa” and “here” commands to both voice and whistle. Next, steady to flush, steady to shot, how to work a field, force fetch and delivery, backing and honoring. The training of the owner starts when certain behaviors are in place, and we encourage the owners to participate and learn how to operate their dog.  Our goal is always to make the dog and handler function as one unit so that the owner knows what his dog is doing, and his dog knows, and is willing to abide by, the handlers wishes. We can train your dog for AKC hunt tests also if that is the path you wish to pursue.  We specialize in pointer training from the Vale, Oregon area. 

Pointing Dog Pointer Training Vale, OR
AKC Field Training Basics Dog Training Vale, OR

AKC Field Training Basics Dog Training

Vale, Oregon


AKC field trial basics are not only done for field trial dogs, but for retrievers used in any discipline; even retriever-type games not associated with birds. Basic training includes: Collar conditioning the dog to sit, heel, return to heel, “here” and force fetch.  These behaviors are taught separately and then chained together at the end of the force fetch process to make a smooth sit, send, grab, return, return to heel, hold and drop delivery. After those behaviors are normalized they are conditioned to the “back” command, angle left and right backs, and left and right 90 degree “overs”. These new behaviors are then carried over to a new environment which is water. They learn to take hand signals in the water and when that is complete, they learn to take hand signals while carrying  a training bumper in their mouth. That is referred to as disciplined casting, and is often utilized in the “swim by” drill. And that is the end of the basics here at Goosebusters. Live birds are also used during the process to insure the dog will pick up crippled birds. Marking (the act of a dog watching the fall of a bird) is also used through this process. There are many benefits, time wise, in doing basics this way.  We do AKC Field Training Basics Dog Training from the Vale, Oregon area.



Obedience Dog Training

Vale, Oregon


Obedience training can be customized depending on the needs of the client.  We generally condition the 3 basic commands needed to operate a dog off leash in any situation, and keep the dog, you and other people safe.  When we are finished with the dog training, we then start the process of human training.  We help you understand  how to maintain the training after leaving our facility.  Our goal is to help you enjoy your dog anywhere, anytime and to help you feel confident in your dogs behavior training in any situation.  We Specialize in Dog Obedience Training from the Vale, Oregon area.

Obedience Dog Training Vale, OR
Dog Behavior Modification Vale, OR

Behavior Modification

Vale, Oregon


We teach your dog how to behave correctly, whether that means teaching him NOT to do something, or whether he needs to learn how to be a better pet. We can train any dog.  Dog behavior modification training from the Vale, Oregon area is one of our areas of focus.

Puppy Developmental Training Program

Vale, Oregon


Puppy training can be the most important part of your dogs life.  In early stages of life, 2 to 6 months, it is important to teach the dog how to get what it wants.  A dog’s personality consists of drives and various levels of those drives combined with it’s sensitivities to the environment. Those drives are enhanced and developed at an early age. The drives enhanced are Pack, Prey, and Food. Utilizing these drives to shape behaviors at an early age gives the pup an early head start in his career, whether it be a job to perform or just being a fun, active companion. The goal of the puppy program is to develop and shape a dog’s behavior in such a way that his choices bring positive results to the dog and the trainer and owner, because he has learned how to learn.  We perform puppy training from the Vale, Oregon area.

Puppy Developmental Training Program Vale, OR
Aggressive Dog Training Vale, OR

Aggressive Dog Training

Vale, Oregon


With aggressive dogs, we use the same control methods as we do in obedience, but we add in trigger factors to proof the obedience. There are some types of aggressions that are easy to deal with and extinguish, while others are very difficult. A  trained dog is conditioned to a very high standard. Therefore, their thought processes  start to change; then we can desensitize them to those triggers.  Owners then start their lessons on how to continue to keep their dog in the right frame of mind.  Dog psychology plays a big part in the success of the animal, and people are taught and shown how the dog’s posture indicates the dog’s state of mind.  Our goal is that you can keep your dog, yourself and others safe, and you can enjoy him for the lifetime of the pet.  We perform aggressive dog training from the Vale, Oregon area.

Dog Training – Breeds

Retrievers: Labrador Retriever, Flat Coat Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Golden Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Dog, Poodle, Springer Spaniel, Boykin, American Water Spaniel

Pointers: German Shorthair Pointer Brittany Spaniel, German Wirehair Pointer, Griffon, English Pointer, English Setter, Drahthaar, Weimaraner, Vizsla, Poodle Pointer, Munsterlander, Spinone
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