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Dog Training Services

Behavior Modification

We teach your dog how to behave correctly, whether that means teaching him NOT to do something, or whether he needs to learn how to be a better pet. We can train any dog.

Makes your dog be a welcome companion.
Keeps your dog from causing himself pain.
Keeps your dog from causing harm to others.
Allows you the pleasure of being proud of your pet!


Most behavioral problems are simply bad habits that have crept in over time; chewing, barking, car chasing, jumping, bolting out the door, leaving the property, aggressions, house training issues… just to name a few. Some dogs have chronic and destructive behaviors which need to be addressed by a qualified trainer. In both types of situations, (and everything in between) a behavior needs to stop. The K9 BRC can enable you to transform your pet into a productive family member.

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