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AKC Field Training Basics Dog Training


AKC field trial basics are not only done for field trial dogs, but for retrievers used in any discipline; even retriever-type games not associated with birds. Basic training includes: Collar conditioning the dog to sit, heel, return to heel, “here” and force fetch.  These behaviors are taught separately and then chained together at the end of the force fetch process to make a smooth sit, send, grab, return, return to heel, hold and drop delivery. After those behaviors are normalized they are conditioned to the “back” command, angle left and right backs, and left and right 90 degree “overs”. These new behaviors are then carried over to a new environment which is water. They learn to take hand signals in the water and when that is complete, they learn to take hand signals while carrying  a training bumper in their mouth. That is referred to as disciplined casting, and is often utilized in the “swim by” drill. And that is the end of the basics here at Goosebusters. Live birds are also used during the process to insure the dog will pick up crippled birds. Marking (the act of a dog watching the fall of a bird) is also used through this process. There are many benefits, time wise, in doing basics this way.