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Aggressive Dog Training

I have and continue to develop a comprehensive aggression behavior modification program for aggressive dogs. In most dogs it can be completely eradicated, in others it can be curtailed significantly. It’s important to go through the whole process. Some dogs take longer to condition.

There is no conflict between the dog and the trainer/handler. This is a must. Thought patterns are interrupted and corrected in a gentile and neutral way during certain postures which indicate state of mind. The trainer/handler then inserts his postures and manipulations into the process.
Some types of aggression can be dealt with at the kennel effectively and can be cost effective. Others are best done with the owner for various reasons. This is cutting edge behavior modification not yet known (by PHD’s in dog psychology) I do not believe they are teaching this at universities that specialize in canine behavior.
I have dedicated my career to understanding the dogs mind for decades and what motivates and catalyzes drive in dogs and have been changing my thinking and techniques to make not only dog lives better but most importantly for the people who own and love them.

Why should you deal with your dog’s aggression?

He is YOUR dog. You are the one with whom the buck stops if your pet hurts someone..
YOU are responsible for your pet’s safety and well being.


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