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Aggressive Dog Training

With aggressive dogs, we use the same control methods as we do in obedience, but we add in trigger factors to proof the obedience. There are some types of aggressions that are easy to deal with and extinguish, while others are very difficult. A  trained dog is conditioned to a very high standard. Therefore, their thought processes  start to change; then we can desensitize them to those triggers.  Owners then start their lessons on how to continue to keep their dog in the right frame of mind.  Dog psychology plays a big part in the success of the animal, and people are taught and shown how the dog’s posture indicates the dog’s state of mind.  Our goal is that you can keep your dog, yourself and others safe, and you can enjoy him for the lifetime of the pet.


He is YOUR dog. You are the one with whom the buck stops if your pet hurts someone..
YOU are responsible for your pet’s safety and well being.

It is difficult to assess aggression problems in dogs, without observing owner and dog together. It is a more complex behavior because of all the variables. Differences in temperaments, for example. Often dog owners don’t know enough about aggression to help their dogs. They see their dog as mean or naughty, when in reality it isn’t. It’s exhibited certain behaviors due to what it has learned in the past through or by association. At The K9 BRC, we can help you to curtail these problems!


Dominant aggressive– These dogs are usually nice, normal dogs but growl or bite if someone puts them in a compromising position, or the dog perceives that someone is out of line. The reason is, you are not pack leader, so you should be submitting. You might have reinforced this behavior by petting or soothing the dog when it exhibited this dominant behavior. Or you may have backed away when it growled. Often, dominant aggressive behavior is learned and reinforced, but it can be stopped early.

Fear aggressive– bites because he is afraid of a situation he does not understand. This can be a very unpredictable behavior, because the dog’s perception of reality is skewed.

Leash aggressive– These dogs aggress while on leash. Often these aggressions are quickly suppressed and easily maintained.

Possessive aggression– Dog guards his food, bones, toys, or anything he thinks might be his for the taking. This category can be attributed to fear, dominance or both.

These are just some of the many types of aggression. All aggression problems need to be addressed on a 1 to 1 basis. If the dog owner has a good grasp on his dog’s behavior they can even prevent or curtail these problems. Early intervention will get the best and quickest results. Aggressions can be minimized and need to be maintained and managed. The K9 BRC can help you get your dog rolling in the right direction.



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